Old Boys

  • Parents are welcome to visit their sons only on second Sunday from 0900h to 1430h. Please do not enter the campus to meet your children on other days. In case of an emergency requirement please contact the Vice Principal/Admin Officer first.
  • Out pass is sanctioned only on medical grounds on the recommendations of the School Medical Officer. No other form of out pass is permitted. You are requested to plan all religious and family engagements during the term breaks only.
  • All dormitories have incoming telephone facilities. Please contact your child only once a week. Do inform the school authorities in case your son has any problems in the school or hostel. Encourage them to write letters also.
  • Please do not hand over money or send money orders to your children. They are not permitted to keep any money on their person or in dormitories. All their personal expenditure will be met from their Pocket money account.
  • Security Guards at the entrance gates of the school have been briefed to ascertain the bonafides of all people entering and leaving the school. Please co-operate with the security personnel in this regard. Remember, that this is being done to ensure the safety of your children inside the school campus.No one has been exempted from this.
  • Parking of cars/two wheelers inside the campus is restricted to the area in front of APJ Abdul Kalam auditorium. Vehicles will not be parked or halted anywhere else on the campus. Cars/two wheelers will not be driven around the school area and the Dormitories. Cadets are not permitted to drive any vehicle inside the campus.
  • The school campus is a litter free and polythene free zone. Wrappers and polythene bags brought by the parents will be taken out by them and not littered around the campus.
  • Parents are also requested not to smoke, drink or chew paan inside the school campus.
  • Parents are requested to pay the fees as per the schedule.
  • The bathrooms (Ladies and Gents) in the auditorium are available for use by parents on Sundays. You are requested not to visit any other bathroom in the campus.
  • Security Guards patrolling the campus have been briefed to ensure and enforce the regulations cited above. In case of any problems please contact theVice Principal/Admin Officer.
  • Helmets/seat belts are compulsory within the school campus. Speed limit for all vehicles will be 30 km per hour.
  • Please follow all the traffic rules and regulations strictly.
  • Cadets are not permitted to keep mobile phones or any other electronic items. Parents are advised to refrain from giving such items to their wards.


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