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Fee and Clothing charges are levied on students according to the rates prescribed by the Board of Governors, Sainik Schools Society from time to time.
REMITTANCE OF FEES (Anticipated for the year 2016-17)

SC/ST/OEC As per prevailing Govt policies.

The tuition fee in Sainik Schools will be Rs.60,000/- for the year 2016-17 and further enhancement of 10% per year in subsequent years.

ii The catering charges for food given to students in Sainik Schools for the year will be Rs.90/- per day for 295 working days i.e. total Rs.26,550/-
iii The above costs will be borne by the parents, less scholarship amount if any.
iv Annual increase on the above charges as directed by the Board of Governors, Sainik Schools Society, would also be borne by the parents in subsequent years.
v Govt. of Kerala provides Rs.50/- per day per cadet as catering charges. This amount will be adjusted against the catering charges payable by the parents as mentioned SNo (ii) above.

NOTE : FULL SCHOLARSHIP presently is only Rs.23000/- (Rs. 21,000 from Govt. of Kerala & Rs. 2000/- from MOD) & Rs. 32,000/- for Ministry of Defence Scholarship holders.The BALANCE amount of Fee (i.e. Scholarship amount) has to be paid by the parents without any objection or claim thereafter.

* Parents of SC/ST/OEC scholarship holders are liable to pay the said amount, if the department concerned does not sanction the difference amount of 7500/- for the academic year 2016-17.

State Govt. Scholarships presently are as follows:-
Full Rs. 21000/- + 2000/- (MOD)
3/4 - Rs. 15750/- + 1062/- (MOD)
1/2 Rs. 10500/- + 125/- (MOD)


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