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Celebration of Constitution Day & Awareness Campaign on Citizens’ Duties 2019-20

A speech was organised by Social Science Dept. On the topic “Constituent Assembly & the drafting of Indian Constitution” and displayed a video about the same on 30 November 2019.

Reading of the Preamble was conducted on 26 November during House Assembly under the guidance of House Masters and Attached Masters Overall supervision done by Vice Principal Wg Cmdr Alka Chaudary.

A documentary on ‘Framing of Indian Constitution and Life of Dr.B.R Ambedkare’ was Screened in the Auditorium on 28 November 2019.

Reading of the Fundamental Duties was conducted on 14 December 2019 during the first period under the guidance of concerned first period Teachers.

A Debate was organised by Social Science Dept. On the topic “The Relevance of Fundamental Duties in the Current Scenario” during the last period on 18 December 2019.





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